Commentary on Communication

So I have talked about communication but I have discovered more on it that I didn’t think of at the time. So when ever anybody is in a relationship you need willingness of both people to work any problems out, but you also need to have truthfulness.

Some people might think that they don’t need to talk to their partner. Some People might feel talking creates more fights and problems. Also their partner might never listens to what they’re saying. Talking never solves anything and whats the point of trying even if I do they will still go back to the way they were.  Communicating may happen but can be filled with many lies. so whats the point in even trying.

But talking have helped create stronger bonds between people. It helps people figure out there problems before a fight starts. Communicating helps people get to know each other better. Communication show kindness and love. Communication allows a way to peace and a better happier life.

Talking or communicating is important to help create a strong and lasting relationship. But there’s many factors that need to happen to understand the true capabilities of communication. Well talking you need to be truthful about what you’re talking about and mean it from your heart. Sometimes it might be hard just to say what you need to say. Your partner might blow up with rage or even blow you off but just trying to talk can calm even the greatest fires. Talking doesn’t mean anything un lease both people are willing to put forth an effort to change. Communication might be hard to do but it doesn’t hurt to try.


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So in my english class we have been having presentations on certain aspects of relationships. One out of many subjects showed up multiple times. the image of WOMEN in the media. Almost every where you look you can find a picture or video of a women half-naked. Media portrays women as objects for MANS amusement. Women shouldn’t be portrayed like that. All this media is showing how all young women and girls are expected to act in today’s world.

So how would we change this view that women aren’t objects. We can think we can just say no more and its gone forever but it can’t be defeated  that easily. For every child out there their minds are being corrupted. they see these pictures of women and think that’s how all women are supposed to look like and act like. the only way the norm will change is with a new generation, but only if the  generation is raised up in a different view of women.

We need to work together to make sure women aren’t viewed as objects anymore.

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In my FLC english 101 and theater class we have to create this show on a certain issue that my class wants to talk about. Its kinda of a weird show so far. The main thing the show is about is RELATIONSHIPS.  We have devised many skits and monologues that relate to relationships. So one of the things is about cheaters. This one girl is going on  blind dates and also dating two people at the exact same time. But in the end she ends up all alone by herself. So the thing we want to say is cheating shouldn’t happen. Would you like to be cheated on if you were dating a person that you really liked. NO. Look at all the negatives, You can hurt people you love and also mess up your life. Because even if how hard you try ,your past will come back to bit you in the a**

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Ok so I am Supposed to write  a COMMENTARY.  So here it goes. For MY BIRTHDAY  MY GIRL took me to go see the movie SKYLINE.  What an awesome movie about aliens killing millions of people RIGHT. WRONG!!!!

OK so the movie wasn’t all that bad. It had the basic plots of a survival movie and had main characters stuck between life or death situations. The movie shows their struggle in trying to survive an alien invasion. Theres lots of destruction and death. The aliens looked freaken awesome. The graphics were good and it showed lots of action. But the plot started out good and during the movie everything changed.

We find out that during the movie the aliens are pretty much indestructible. Also one person out of a million others was capable of getting stronger and killing an alien with its bare hands. And another thing it turns pretty much into a love story, because this guy and wife end up almost dyeing. But no, he all of a sudden survives and becomes one  of the aliens and saves his wife from certain destruction. Sorry if i ruined the ending for anybody but seriously how the heck do you survive against  all these odds and live. They were attacked by an alien, they were almost shot by a jets gun, and finally they survive even if they were sucked up into the aliens ship.

They survived against all odds that were put against them. In my View they should have made them die when the ship sucked them up. This would have created a good ending point and kept the audience thinking and wondering if the aliens will ever be defeated. So if you want to see a good movie i wouldn’t suggest this one but that my opinen.

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Key communication

Ok so my last post I talked about how my dad made me feel and how I knew he was just looking out for me. Well the thing that actually stated the fire was COMMUNICATION. I am serious about this. For example when he called me and actually said “where the hell are you”. I felt threatened and attacked. So that is why i answered back the way I did. Ok well I know it was wrong for me to talk back like that but I know if he called and just said hey hito i just wondering where you at it’s getting late. I would of told him that I was on my way.

Ok the thing is the way people communicate can change any situation into a full fledge argument or even make it into the most peaceful time. So the way people approches others will get certain reactions form it. If I get approuched with anger, I will react to it the same way I recieved it. If I’m approuched by kindness i will react back with kindness.

So to avoid a fight and a confrontation don’t go and deal with things with anger, try to talk about it in a way that will bring no conflicts. Trust me on this. Also its both people fault that this situation got to the certain extreme it did. So stay strong and don’t forget everybody around you is a human being. They deserve respect and you know you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you. So “treat others the way you want to be treated”. Talk things through calmly, because you never know if the last words you say to someone, will be THE LAST.

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Ok so I left my gals house and was on my way home but then my dad calls and tells me “WERE THE HELL ARE YOU”. I answer him “I RUNNIN LATE”. Then when I get home he comes tells me who the hell do i think i am. He told me I make him feel like his worthless in my life. So I know you don’t understand what I really talking about. Let me explain a little bit. My DAD is a great dad. He loves me with all of his heart. It’s not like I’m not grateful or anything but he cares too much you see. I feel like sometimes his controlling me. I am already eight teen years old and I am almost nineteen. I know for a fact that when i at work, he has driven by the work just to see if my truck is there. Knowing this infuriates  me. I don’t feel free! I know I’m still young and have a lot to learn, but I will learn them within time. This is my life and I know all he wants is the best for me and to keep me safe but that is IMPOSSIBLE. All you can do is let your child go and just hope you raised them well enough to succeed. Let them breath and if they go through what you went through as a child. Just be there for them and help them through the situation.

I love my DAD with all my heart but I feel he still needs to let me go more than he already has and let me be able to live my life the way i want to live it, and what ever problems come up let me learn from them but also be there for me when I can’t do it by myself. I to LOVE MY DAD but I am still a person who wants to live a life, without the constant worry that my dad is hovering over me watching everything I do.

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Ups and Downs of RELATIONSHIPS

Ok so in monday’s class we talked about different blogs in my class. But the Big Question of the day is what makes a relationship actually last long and work with both people. To tell you, I am in a relationship that has already lasted a whole year and it has been amazing. We have shared so much and created new stronger bonds with each other. But I have a family member who was in a relationship for a few year and all of a sudden it ended. He was really surprised and it could have been avoided if they had both been willing to keep the relationship together. He was perfectly happy and then it all changed.

Nowadays relationships can only survive it both people are willing to work towards keeping it strong. Seriously me and my gal talk a lot. When she feels down or upset about me having to leave early or do something. But I stay there talking to her and reassuring her that I love her. When ever we have a little disagreement or anything of that matter. We talk to each other and fix it. She lets me know that she loves me with all her heart and i let her know that I love her with all mine. I even stick by her in all her little adventures. We’ve worked through a lot of differences and become stronger through talking about how we FEEL.

But i still don’t understand how a long and good relationship fell to pieces. Was it a lack of communication or one person not willing to put forth an effort to keep it going?

Relationships have their ups and downs, so keep with it and work through it. Relationship are hard but once you find the one anything is possible. As long as you believe and trust in each other you can make it through even the toughest times.

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